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Dave and Chuck talk about the worst way you injured your ass, the strange way you met your partner, how you saved a senior citizen, Asian fart servants, and more!


Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about times when underwear shut it down, what is the worst sex question someone asked you, what happened that made you realize you were too high or wasted, what do you wish you could erase from your memory, and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about the creepiest thing your partner does (part 1), the creepiest thing your partner does (part 2), what will you never do again, a new video game that woman can play with their vaginas, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about what is your secret creepy move, situations when you became an accidental swinger, the Ashley Madison website hack and listeners finding out if they have been leaked, whether or not you should tell someone information you know about them, and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about when you encountered a stranger at your door, have you made an anti-masturbation agreement, a strip club in the Upper Peninsula called Big Bons, a grandma who defended herself against intruders, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about when did you spot a whore dead giveaway, the oddest compliment you ever received, when you were surprised by a dick, what is the sexiest thing women can do outside of the bedroom, and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about the times someone thought you wanted something in the bedroom but you didn’t, when did someone catch you off guard, when were you in the wrong place at the wrong time, when were you able to go from zero to sex, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about your unintentional pervert moments, what was the fatal error you made in front of your partner, problems that Detroit bus drivers are facing, the moments when a dick pic changed things, and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about the embarrassing things your partner did at a holiday party, Dave competing in the Blind Lady Shootout, a man who was accidentally shot during a Wild West shootout gone wrong, listeners who practiced abstinence and was it worth it, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about the scariest moment of your life, what are your dick or lady bits tips, colleges banning sledding and horror sledding stories, when were you almost killed by Christmas, and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about the do-it-yourself project that almost ended with your death, what was your whore mistake, neighbors that piss you off, a man who was carjacked and forced to sell ice cream after a backpage encounter gone wrong, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about what are the jobs you worked for a day, what is the most evil thing your kid has done, how has a sex toy ruined a relationship, Chuck hiring a sex trainer and a study about this generations fear of sex, and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about what made you say Go On, Get!, their new movie idea called 21 dicks, what random sex encounters have you experienced, should staring be considered sexual harassment, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about what is your Just In Case plan, if you have lived a past life as someone else, what are the kinky sex acts that you should try at least once, an Uber driver had a crazy experience with a passenger and what are your driver horror stories, and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about the reason one of your friends is still single, what was it that ruined a sexual attraction to somebody, what do you secretly do behind your partners back, the new fad of Hologram tours and would you attend one, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about what is the tattoo your partner has that you hate, how much is too much and stories that are TMI (too much information), Ken did something romantic for his new lady and what was your “strudel” move, a new detection software for gunshots being introduced in Detroit and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a 12 year old who carjacked an 80 year old man, 5 million dollars worth of diamonds that were assumed stolen that were actually accidentally thrown away, an irate bank customer that dumped a pot of poop all over the place, a dude who caught his wife kissing a camel, a disturbing new trend with teens involving their butts and cough syrup, things that made you say "boy that was a mistake", and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a gamer whose life was saved by his video game chair when a woman crashed through his apartment, tourists that were stuck on the top of Vienna's famous ferris wheel, a man having a dog makes them more sexy to a woman, Friends cast members hooking up in real life, the worst gift a guy has ever given you, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about "porch pirates" stealing packages off porches of local homes, a guy that shoved a Snickers bar down the throat of another man on the subway, castaway who survived over 400 days at sea being sued by family of the guy he ate to stay alive, , how long should you wait to tell your partner about your fetish, a dude who tried to shoplift two giant TV's ended up fracturing his face, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about getting spit on, a Christmas display featuring Santa hanging from a noose that's causing a stir, an air craft mechanic that died after being sucked into a plane engine, a man being tried for murder after he shot a corpse, a guy that dug an underground cave and is now living in it, the most trendy food of the year, the worst thing cops would find if they searched your house or car, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a news reporter that captured a bank robber on film during a live broadcast, a “death” therapy that’s supposed to help people with depression, tips for guys with tiny dongs on sending dick pics, women taking on combat roles in the military, a woman that got trapped in her sofa for 12 hours, most embarrassing thing you asked your parents as an adult, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about uber now delivering people to sing Christmas carols, a guy that stopped traffic on a busy expressway to propose, a couple refused a hotel room because they were local, stores considering being open on Christmas, Serena Williams took a cab to finish her own charity 5K, what made you do the Christopher Walken “Woah”, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the D&CtF Curse affecting Kenny Rogers?!, a woman in trouble for fondling strangers and forcing an elder lady to play cards with her, a genius way to stop people from taking your luggage by mistake, women having wet dreams, a guy who had a heart attack after drinking 8 cans of energy drink, cashing in on a technical glitch, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a $2 million jackpot winner at Greektown Casino, a crazy police shoot out where cops ended up shooting each other, a guy who was sitting on his porch in a thong with a loaded rifle, a plumber whose truck was sold to ISIS is suing the dealership, a dial-a-carol phone service, ask D&CtF: listeners with questions about found lube, X-mas cards, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a town that banned a solar farm for fear that it would steal the suns energy, a guy that tried to hide from the cops by pretending to be part of a nativity scene, a man that is leaving his family to live as a 6 year old girl, a dominatrix that is selling her urine online, the strangest thing a buddy has asked you to do, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the Mexican drug lord El Chapo threatening ISIS, an air traffic controller busted with meth that he “uses to stay awake at work,” a 99 year old woman who won a shopping spree at a 99 cent store, a panty thief that found his victims by getting geotags off their instagram pictures, memories you wish that you could wipe away, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about black Santa coming to town this weekend, a grandma busted smuggling drugs in her lady bits, a new school to teach people how to properly smoke weed, China debuts the first ever mind controlled car, who has the worst cheating story, ridiculous Star Wars things available for purchase, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about hoverboards being banned from travel on many airlines, men fantasizing about their wives being dead is normal, doctors issue a warning to strippers to NOT hit their privates with cinder blocks, this year’s Golden Globe nominations, Bill Clinton possibly gay in the 70’s, your most embarrassing public bathroom encounter, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a shoot out that took place in Detroit over a pizza, a woman who led the cops on a high speed chase while eating a bowl of cereal, a prank caller that caused thousands of dollars in damage to a fast food restaurant, the fact that the era of "butt stuff" may soon be coming to an end, a naked guy who tired to carjack a Fed Ex truck, the worst sex advice ever given, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about some guys who were busted stealing $65,000 worth of chicken wings, a dude busted for growing magic mushrooms that took a magical mug shot, a pilot in trouble for trying to smuggle sex toys into his country, the hidden meaning behind using  a period when texting, the report of which drugs were found on Scott Weiland's bus, how tits got you fired, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a mall in Toronto that has debuted a “Fashion Santa,” men wearing tights is becoming a hot new trend, a device to help guys who are pee shy, the places people enjoy being touched during sex, a dude that broke into his moms house steal a pot of stew, what you have done this year to get put on the naught list, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a person popping bubble wrap caused a military base to go into lock down, a zombie nativity scene that’s causing a stir, kids using the internet to find out the truth about Santa, Burt Reynolds says some mean things about Charlie Sheen, a guy that cut off his own penis after a fight with his girlfriend, accidentally taken a drug and what happened, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the first penis transplant that will be taking place in the United States, a high speed chase that happened because a man stole a cheesecake, a dude who assaulted a woman with a popular Canadian dish, a 91 year old woman who died during a kinky sex game, a guy who swallowed tweezers to make his wife stop nagging, Dave and Chuck bet there's no one listening who's partner has ever had sex with their parents, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a criminal who was hiding from the cops in a pond and got eaten by an alligator, a guy who stole a pair of shoes and was then busted returning them full of finale stuff, a guy who was given a texting and driving ticket while in a restaurant drive thru, ask D&CTF: a listener with a weird girl dilemma, a bride who busted her man nude in bed with his groomsmen, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about Dave’s adventures with Kenny Rogers, an old man that used cocaine right in front of a cop, a female MacGyver that save a passenger on an airplane, a guy who thought if he pooped outside a woman’s house she would fall in love with him, hooking up with coworkers at the holiday party, worst thing your parents have posted on social media, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a pizza delivery guy that was shot by a dog, a dude that jumped into a polar bear habitat, a hipster mall Santa in Portland, women trust gay men more than other women, the lead singer of Puddle of Mudd arrested again, a guy that escaped from a home invasion and just went to work, when sex has led to a fight, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a guy that assaulted a tattoo artist for giving him a bad star tattoo, some old laws that have just now been repealed, a shopping channel that sells only guns, Donald Trump signed a woman’s boob, a new trend called glitter pits, a dude busted with 64 things in his butt, craziest thing someone revealed to you on a first date, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the passing of Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver front man Scott Wieland, a health clinic giving away free penis tape measures, people who post inspirational quotes are less intelligent, Coldplay to perform during the Superbowl halftime show, the final nude issue of Playboy to feature Pam Anderson, how quick you went from zero to sex, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a child's Thanksgiving drawing that was used to bust a man flashing his junk, a man from Turkey who got thrown behind bars for Tweeting a joke about their president, Yahoo's list of things most commonly searched, a new service where women can rent a guy to sleep next to them, the winner of a beauty pageant in a high security female prison, a surprise phone call for Dave , and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about yesterday's shooting in California, a girl who attempted to steal a truckload of hard cider, the "boomerang" gift giving trend, an art student who is doing a live stream of himself living naked inside a glass box, a celebrity who got a job with Radio Shack, actions people have been able to forgive other people for, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about Donald Trump refusing to be in any more debates unless he gets paid, a reporter that put heckler in his place on live TV, the most popular sexual fetishes in Michigan, a woman who celebrated being off probation by throwing a party with drugs, something in your house that doesn’t belong, someone with possibly the WORST job ever, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman shoplifting from stores with a “Won’t Be Caught” shirt...has been caught, Hoverboard toys catching on fire, companies cutting holiday parties this year, a local woman suing a celebrity for her giving her herpes, rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio gets raped by a bear in his new movie, the worst photo you’ve ever found, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a local store that was evacuated due to a misunderstanding involving ISIS, A crazed flight attendant that attacked both her crew and the air marshals, people who have crashed a car that they were taking on a test drive, a guy who had to be rescued from a porn shop that was on fire because he had not finished yet, the best things people have heard during sex, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about Frankenmuth having their own Christmas song, a mom that had hosted a beer and pot party for some young teens, a couple that left a check for a half million dollars in a Salvation Army Kettle, the strange things that your junk smells like, a guy who tried to stab his wife with elk antlers, the things that make you feel the most out of touch , and more!

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