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Dave and Chuck talk about a Michigan guy that becomes the world yo-yo champion, an old man that that fell in a forest and was injured and had to survive on rain water, a website that allows you to search the Ashley Madison website leak, a school that added staring as a form of sexual harassment, a country that claims they have captured a “spy” dolphin, a guy who fled the cops in a high speed chase because he was going to get pulled over with his mistress, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a surfer saved two girls on Lake Michigan, a college that is now offering a class on how to grow and sell pot, a parrot being arrested for calling the owners neighbor dirty words, a new fat infused water available, women love pizza more that men, Carmen Electra releases her own brand of lube, when you picked a bad time to be impaired, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about where Detroit lands on the list of sexiest cities in America, a kid who filed to run for president under the name “Deez Nuts”, the strange reason Donald Trump won't eat Oreos, a tampon that allows you to share with your BFF, a dude who dug up his dead father's corpse to argue with him, encounters with a fart fetish fanatic, and more!

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