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Dave and Chuck talk about a robot that is hitchhiking across Canada, the new internet video challenge that is going around and it is absolutely STUPID, a woman arrested for walking her sex slave like a dog, embarrassing moments in front of your entire family, a guy gets caught robbing a casino but may have had the best night ever, a dad that tried to buy pizza naked and on acid, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about two elderly men that robbed a medical center of all their Viagra, the most popular cereals in USA, the stupidest celebrity feud ever Bloom vs. Bieber, new phone screener Jason gets put to the “crazy” test, an honesty experiment that took place in Detroit, a dude that prank calls a news channel about a water main break, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a toddler that stole a car and crashed it, a priest that claims the devil is texting him through a teenage girl, a crook that got busted by a tornado, a situation at recent concert at the Fox...is it a legit complaint or a “too old for this” moment, a Michigan woman in the hospital after being bit by a lion, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about Michigan and Canada coming to an agreement to build a new bridge, the number of times that Samuel L. Jackson has said motherf&#$er in the movies, a woman who abandoned her kids to have a threesome in a public hot tub, the most terrible thing a woman has ever done to you, a development in the Hot Pockets saga, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about your personality affecting online dating, scientists looking into EIO (Exercise Induced Orgasm), a prisoner busted with contraband in his butt tries to switch it to his mouth in mid inspection, surprising sex facts, a guy that robbed a store because beer was overpriced, an arsonists flubs an attempt to burn a building when he sets himself on fire by mistake, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about sounds that we will probably never hear again, Slash admitting to drugging a girlfriends mom so he could do something dirty, a prison visitor busted smuggling 18 objects in his butt, strangest place you woke up after drinking, story about a man’s death that used a photo of him giving the “shocker,” a woman struck by lightning but was saved by her flip flops, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman who says her enormous boobs make her a better mother, another new weed food innovation that is available, a male porn star busted with something unusual up his butt, listener emails about having a computer room and using recycled lube, a woman who dined and dashed but had to return because she left her medication, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a person leaving creepy porcelain dolls at homes with kids, shoes that connect to Google maps and vibrate to tell you when to turn, a guy that castrated nursing home patients, uh-oh you’re crazy moments, a heated conversation between air traffic control and pilot, a dead body found in a motel that had been there for five years, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a man who went in for a circumcision and got his dong amputated, a condo listing that accidentally included a pic with a nude guys dong in it, the world’s biggest fart machine, speed dating with paper bags on your head is a thing now, things that make you look like a jerk, songs to help you reach your moment in the bedroom, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a guy named “Moist” bringing water to Detroit, a woman receiving texts from a creep hiding under her bed, the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey movie, accidentally insulting people, a dude that reported a murder to get out of a ticket, a man who ran himself over during a road rage altercation, a wristband that shocks you when you miss a workout, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a guy who died digging a hole at the beach, an airline that would not let a man board his flight after tweeting a complaint, a teen in India that had to have 232 teeth removed, a new cannabis lube that can give you a 15 minute orgasm, things you would pay people to do, Dave’s quest at the grocery store to find a strangely named vegetable, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a kid getting banned from a donut shop for asking a woman if she was pregnant, a guy who dropped over 100 lbs after starting a job at a fast food chain, how quickly you can ruin a month’s worth of dieting, an amateur bikini model that went “postal” on a salon for messing up her hair, reasons you had to evict someone, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a new webcam site just for stoners, Snoop Dogg smoking weed at the white house, only a small amount of guys that manscape now, a pervert with a flip flop cam got busted, porn titles based off your married sex life, etiquette when using old sex toys with a new partner, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a cleaning crew that dumped a mannequin found in a garage that turned out to be a real dead body, Dave’s coffee problems, Bill Clintons mistress, the gross material the Rocks (Dwayne Johnson) beard was made of in Hercules, things that make you weird, NSA looking at your dirty sexts, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a Michigan jail going back to the black and white stripe uniforms since “Orange is the Black” made orange jumpsuits cool, a man in China bleeding from his junk was really menstruating, a new photo trend call “fakecationing,” a trend that’s making its way into the plastic surgery world, the show tries to contact a man named Lancelot Supersad, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about mini vans that are now equipped with a microphone to help you yell at your kids, what it would take to have a three day work week, the Rock might be playing the role of a DC comics superhero, getting your genitals waxed increases your chances of an STD, the Dave and Chuck the Freak Hot Pockets scandal continues, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a guy who lost his hand to a flesh eating bacteria after he was pricked by a thorn, women that are hyper sexual, a priest that discovered a woman has been using his church to film pornography, your camping disaster stories, Dave has a new knowledge bomb, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a dude that gave up sex for a year and raised $50,000 for charity, a shark caught on tape choking on a sea lion, Casey Kasems body is missing, a new naked dating television show, people you’ve tried to impersonate and did it work, parents can now use drug sniffing dogs to bust their kids, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a local woman in jail for attacking her man because he did not produce enough finale stuff, a drunk guy at an airport that tricked foreign women into thinking he was a TSA agent, pelvic exercises for men, a toaster that can burn your picture into toast, the last words of a man who died during sex, places you’ve gotten your penis stuck, and more!


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Dave and Chuck talk about the plane crash near Ukraine, some kids busted stealing a car to go on a joy ride to grandma’s house, Arnold NOT being the first choice for Terminator, a toothless man in trouble for gumming (biting) his roommate when she refused to clean his ears, unintentional creeper moments, try to solve the Royal Oak Jerker mystery, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about what the Hot Pockets people needed to urgently talk to Dave about, a dude that mortgaged his house to get his micro-penis enlarged, strange policies companies put in place for employees, some red headed twin sister prostitutes that got busted after offering a “twins experience,” how Google street view maps helped bust some idiot criminals, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about the science behind how we always manage to pick the slowest check out when grocery shopping, the most and least respected brands in the USA, a guy that constructed a homemade flame thrower to kill a spider, Charlie Sheen had a drunken encounter with a fan at the Taco Bell Drive thru, things men need to stop doing immediately, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman caught stealing panties from the dollar store and escaped in an ice cream truck, New Lay’s Potato Chips flavors...good or bad? A guy that was confronted by his wife about his affair with another man while jet skiing, your partners unsexy night time clothes, Dave takes on the green banana challenge, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a person that stole Mickey Mouse’s identity, things men and women like to brag about, Cameron Diaz got it on with another woman, Thor has a sex change, a man who went to jail for being violent with a watermelon, if you can only pick on thing...what would you like women to stop doing, Hot Pockets reached out to Dave about his jingle, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about mistakes men make when they groom body hair, a couple busted getting it on...on top of a Chipotle, crazy things you did after getting fired/quit your job, a Russian beach that was evacuated, the exact moment your happiness peaks when on vacation, a man name Pterodactyl that was tazed in a Florida water park, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about foods that can instantly put you in a good mood, a couple that thought they had experienced paranormal activity but was really a meth addict hiding under the bed, most embarrassing moments with a woman, a fish with human teeth caught in lake St. Clair, list of the most stressed cities, a nine year old that found a treasure in her goldfish crackers, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman who thought a cloud perfectly shaped like a penis and was a sign from god, popular things you do that you don’t really like doing, an app that allows you to monitor your partners phone activity, being bribed to dump someone, a strange festival in Japan for hemorrhoids, two dudes busted doing something bad in a Chuck E Cheese bathroom, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a dating app to help stoners find love, the top things that make you happy the age you become most satisfied with how you look, things you worry about that will likely never happen to you, a man running for local government backs out because his secret fetish past came out, a coroner that had a body fall out the vehicle and into the road, and more!

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Dave and Chuck hold a thong intervention for James, talk about a new device to help you make it rain at the strip club, a woman who was arrested for stripping and doing yoga in public, should you dumb your significant other or not, smelling farts is actually good for your health, a former stripper that bangs a ventriloquist dummy on webcam, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about some cops in Virginia that were trying to force a teen to take a pic of his boner to use as evidence in a crime, a stripper that is terrorizing a family in Los Angeles, jobs you only worked for one day, a strange odor that has some local condo residents in distress, the rudest questions asked by online daters, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the current most annoying slang words, the different views men and women have on “sexy” lingerie, a business that called the cops on a nerd dressed in a Stormtrooper costume, types of pics to send to girls instead of pics of your junk, a guy who accidentally got locked in a maximum security prison for over 30 hours, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about an aardvark running loose in Warren, a chef that cut open an eggplant and the seeds spelled out GOD, the best and the worst celebrity beach bodies, some emails about some strange bathroom behavior, bed bugs infesting the Detroit bus system, some stoners that broke into a school to steal a box of froot loops, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a fruit that makes women want to get it on, the age that men become invisible to women, a new portable tent to allow you to masturbate in public, the strangest reason you got divorced, a local man busted for robbing a bank after he buys a car with cash from a car dealer near the robbery, a drunk woman that stole a horse to use to rob a store, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about an airline pilot that bought the passengers pizza during a flight delay, what the new big restaurant craze will be, WBTNOL: who has been involved in a threesome while driving a car, a guy who found a rat in his sandwich wrap, a woman who discovered horrible crimes that took place at her home while watching a TV crime program, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a whale watching groups encounter in Mexico, a woman who can’t cancel her cable service because she sounds like a man, a guy trying to sue for $10 million because he was made fun of for falling asleep at a baseball game, Prince Fielder posing nude for ESPN magazine, falling for a perverted scheme, a Canadian beer promotion gone wrong, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a restaurant that will be offering all you can eat appetizers, Nickelback music got some dudes in trouble with the cops, a dead grandma that appeared in her granddaughters selfie, the first album you bought and how it relates to how you are in bed, another family that had to call 911 on their pet cat, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a couple suing a hotel because a guest there was shaking his genitals at guests during their wedding, ask Dave and Chuck: questions from a wife whose husband doesn’t think she’s a 10 and redneck layaway, a competitive eater that proposes right before he shoves 61 wieners in his mouth, a man getting arrested for DUI claims his dog drove, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about the Fonz wanting to change his last name because “winkler” is something inappropriate on Urban Dictionary, a dude that died from too much head banging to Motörhead, genius criminals who use fourth of July fireworks to help with a heist, Dave's horrible holiday getaway, fireworks mishaps stories, an offensive image American Apparel posted on social media, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the strangest things you’ve had to confront your significant other about, your dumbass moments, discovering your partner really had a secret life, a pilot that crashed and remained calm dealing with a dumb 911 operator, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about your neighborhood scandals, having a funeral for your vagina, the worst food-tastrophes, what is your insane talent, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a crazy online dating disasters, they talk to a woman who works in a Snuggle House as a snuggle professional, play the five question stoner challenge where they try to guess if you are high when you call in, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about getting busted jerking it, the strangest things you’ve seen in a window, stuff your partner does that would make you want prison over house arrest, some strange categories of niche porno, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about being dumped on the spot, Andy Green shares ten great things about being a fat guy, sexy games to spice up your sex life, WBTNOL: that’s been fired for jerking it at work or who has had their foreskin restored, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about improvements that would make life better with Andy and Overly Straight Guy Ken, accidental inappropriate social media posts, traumatizing home service worker stories, skankiest thing you’ve done, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about crazy fetishes that Dave has never heard of, world records that you could set, Canadian porn channels not containing enough “Canadian” porn, things that happened that destroyed your chances with the opposite sex, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about your one in a million body abnormalities, WBTNOL: that has been a cannibal or eaten a human, a guy who assaulted his estranged wife with his penis, sexual acts on your sex bucket list, and more!

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