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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about what is the sexual aide you can’t live without, the ridiculous reasons you broke up with a significant other, a story of lost lube on a vacation and what ruined your romantic vacation, nail polish that changes colors to detect drugs and what is your dating invention, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about a guy who farted in a car when he got nervous and nervous farts, women who could be considered relationship terrorists, a guy with a strange doctors note and what is your weirdest doctors note, have you ever done something to get you banned for life, and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about situations when you impersonated someone, stories of peeping and pooping Toms and your experiences, Organism Rick interprets Dave’s boob dream, their encounter with a creepy person at an office and what is the creepy thing someone does at your office, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about what you’ve done that could come back to haunt you, based on answers to five questions do you have a mugshot or not, what happens in prison that they might not know about, a listener is upset about something that took place at a concert and are you too old for concerts, and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about when was a time you were embarrassed in front of your family, a man tears his anus during a soccer game and what are you irrational fears, have you ever gotten a hooker for your partner and little people sex, Andy reveals that ‘Lose Yourself’ plays in his head during sex, what plays in your head before during and after sex, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about what is a time that you left your buddy hanging, a big fat family surprise, do waitresses with bigger boobs make more tips than the average girl and what can guys do to get bigger tips, a story of a straight girl who tried going lesbian and your stories of straight girls gone lesbo, and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about Dave’s dream about a rat in his milkshake and what dream really messed with your head, the most inappropriate thing someone has done in public, Dave asks Amber to bathe him, what is something that is cute when women do it but creepy when men do it, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about a woman who has no vagina and do-it-yourself vaginas, what turns you on but shouldn’t, WBTNOL that has had sex with a lawn chair and WBTNOL that got into an accident with their spouse on the freeway, what is the creepiest thing someone has said to you , and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about what makes a person undate-able, Guinness World Record categories and talk to Stuart Claxton of the Guinness Book of World Records, what is the meanest thing a woman has ever done to you and lesbian pick up tips for a lesbian caller in need of picking up women, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about the A-Hole test and are you an A-hole, Urban Dictionary words they’ve never heard of, if you could go back in time would you redo losing your virginity, a woman has been posing as a doctor to give guys physicals and have you ever fallen for a pervert scheme, and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about what is the scariest first of a relationship, a listener will only have sex under a certain circumstances and your woman will only have sex if..., men who are getting nipple surgery and would you get it and what stuff can you get besides drugs for the show, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about what is the reason you dumped your man, a man with three balls and they talk to a listener who has three balls, a man who has a strange attraction to grannies and what is your strange attraction, and Dave’s near death experience working at a theme park and your best and worst day, and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about a what did you fat ass break, what can’t you tell your partner that you want to tell Dave and Chuck, company Christmas parties and the naughty things that happened at them, and a pilot loses him arm while flying a plane and continues to fly the plane, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about a listener who had jealous rage and what was your jealous rage moment, Ask D&CTF-How does a listener tell his wife she isn’t a 10 & do you know about redneck layaway, what would be the title of your married couple porn and S&M stories and fails,  and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a plumber in Texas who’s truck appeared in a terrorist photo from Syria, Lancealot Supersad is back in the news, Dibbles is now being used in court cases, a guy so big he killed a donkey when he sat on it, the craziest 911 call of the year, the shows favorite idiot criminals of the year, the Transform My Ta-Ta’s winner, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a teen with a very bizarre name in trouble, a couple that celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary at Taco Bell, a recap of some of the craziest news stories this year, Mama June involved in a threesome (YUCK!), perverts of the year are both dominatrices, a listener dressed up as Santa and is now creeped out by his girlfriend’s reaction, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the most humble states on social media, cops having to pepper spray a crowd of people at a shoe sale, a nude man claiming to Jesus that burned a church down, a double amputee with badass futuristic robotic arms, stripper advice for a listener thinking about becoming a dancer, a woman who bit off her boyfriend’s chin, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a group trying to put up a satanic display for Christmas in Lansing, cremated human remains found at a Goodwill donation site, celebrity reaction to Sony NOT releasing “The Interview” movie, a dude that called 911 cause someone changed the settings on his PS4, things that almost killed you during holidays, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about something that sent over 80 people to the hospital at a hockey game, a mother arrested for fighting an eleven year old bully, a new product available for Hanukkah, a dude that says said something crazy to a cop during a sobriety test, a man that got fined for crossing the street too slowly, the craziest thing you’ve forgiven someone for, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a dog that found a severed human leg on a beach, a police officer that tazed a senior citizen, a dog weight loss success story, Sony to pull “The Interview” movie due to terrorist threats, a celebrities pubic hair for sale on craigslist, a woman gets revenge on her husband she busted cheating with her twin sister, the stupidest moment of your life, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a blind guy that had his car stolen, an alleged criminal with an interesting face tattoo, some crazy things found in a prison in the Philippines, a new phone app that allows you to schedule wake up calls from strangers, a chick that busted her husband cheating on her with a goat, something you found that led to an awkward conversation, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a neighborhood in Detroit where people keep dumping old boats, a dude busted trying to band a curbside couch, things that could kill you this Christmas, Scott Stapp crazy 911 call, the most like celebrities of 2014, Mama June turned down doing a porno, an old couple that locked themselves in a car for 13 hours, embarrassing yourself at a party, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about how the Air Sex National Finals went for James, the passing away of Bill Bonds, a tornado that hit Los Angeles last week, a wedding proposal FAIL that destroyed a house, living in separate homes to improve a marriage, transportation nightmare stories, a state that was running the “Don’t Jerk and Drive” campaign, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about hot peppers that caused a plane to make an emergency landing, a 17 year old that has made over 70 million on the stock market, butts or boobs...which are more popular, a celebrity that pays someone to wait in bathroom lines for them, a guy that posed as a Victoria Secret scout to get sexy pics, gifts given/received that made someone cry, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a parking space argument that ended in one person’s car cover in Elmer’s glue, hipsters ruining Christmas in a strange way, an underwear company that is too offensive for a patent, face sitters are protesting the UK porn ban by...sitting on faces, something that makes you or someone you know a disgusting human being, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a local guy who had his leg sucked into a stump grinder, a woman that eats a roll of toilet paper a day, a night club shaped like boobs to be demolished, top WORST movies of the year, a woman in trouble for doing something bad with hot chocolate, Dear Dave & Chuck the Freak helps a woman with some freaky bedroom issues, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk with the creator of Air Sex World Championships about the national finals that James will compete in this weekend, a crazy play by play arrest video, a dog that was playing with matches starts a fire, the Prime Minister of Canada performing in a cover band, getting double sex crossed by a lover, the power high heels have on a man, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about Detroit officially out of bankruptcy, a kid in trouble for sharing a pot brownie with a teacher, a celebrity with a new fetish line, Sony hack reveals some dirt on celebrities, an old guy with the most creative excuse for drunk driving ever, new urban dictionary terms, ask D&CTF: a listener needs help with her man who wears something embarrassing, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a local dude that tried to break into a bank vault with a crowbar, some naughty mall Santas, a hot chicks with fish erotic calendar, strangest gifts received from a co-worker, a woman that did something bad to her ex-husband after blindfolding him for kinky sex, junk food induced orgasms, a chronic flasher gets a LONG jail sentence, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a UPS driver that saved a man’s life, a church going to try having worship at a Buffalo Wild Wings, reason you should jerk it before going to the company holiday party, a hacker group claiming responsibility for the Sony hack warns not to release “The Interview,” things that your significant other sucks at doing, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman who fended of a robber by vomiting on him, twin sisters that got into a fight over a boyfriend and a dildo, a restaurant using drones with mistletoe accidentally cut of a small portion of a woman’s nose, bionic (robotic) bras for women, hotel/motel confessions, a dude that punched through a $10 million painting, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman who let her husband’s corpse rot in the house because she thought the lord would resurrect him, a store that had to pull some offensive Hanukkah wrapping paper off the shelves, the top stars of 2014, people are pissed at Discovery channel for the “Eaten Alive” fail, crazy things you’ve let your buddies talk you into, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a vomit soaked nightmare of an airplane flight, nineteen Furries hospitalized after exposure to chlorine gas at a furry convention, women that travel with sex toys, a new product for men called spank rags, a Lions player twerked after a touchdown, hot girl scams you fell for, a butt plug shortage in France, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman that woke up and found a mystery baby in her bed, a lady that found something nasty in a package of lunchmeat, an elderly woman that was banned from BINGO, worst movies ever made, a dude that broke into a neighbor’s home and swapped belongings, a guy that might have busted a girl cheating at a recent Lions game, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about Medicare possibly eliminating erectile dysfunction aide coverage, North and South Korea feuding over a Christmas tree, an app being linked to half of divorces in Italy, a college in trouble for hiring strippers to pose in school recruitment ads, getting into a physical fight with the in-laws, a grandma busted mailing weed to her granddaughter, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about songs that get you fired up to go out, the most searched “news” terms of this year, new statistics on divorce and marriage, people who have screwed a co-worker at the company holiday party, Sony being as sick of Adam Sandler films as most movie-goers, a drunk woman calls a cop a turkey, WBTNOL-that has slept with 2000 partners, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about “key” parties (type of swinger sex party), a 13 year old that got stuck in the chimney trying to get into his house when he forgot his key, a woman that spent time in jail because she was too loud during sex, stories about being framed by someone, a dude that freaked out on his wife when she brought him the wrong fast food sandwich, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a news story that uncovered proof that there is a quota on how many tickets police officers are required to give, a guy that found over $100,000 in a desk he bought at an estate sale, more evidence 2014 is the year of the butt, a dude that attacked a man with his prosthetic leg, stupidest reason your woman attacked you, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a homeless Pontiac man that stole an ambulance to get to the strip club, a girl that bit her boyfriend’s mom during an argument, a prostitute that claims to have slept with 10,000 guys, a dude that tried to steal something strange down his pants, embarrassing thing your drunk lover does, Great Britain bans a certain sex acts from porn, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the Detroit blackout making national news, a crocodile that killed almost 20 people on an AIRPLANE, another Kardashian trying to break the internet, Stephen Hawking wants to be the next James Bond villain, a woman who pulled a knife on her baby’s daddy because he unplugged her air freshener, would Dave do it “the Romance Edition,” and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about raising the speed limit on rural expressways, an aggressive squirrel that caused a playground to get shutdown, a new beauty trend that involves dying your armpit hair, a dude that lifted 175 lbs of bricks with his TESTICLES, D&CTF try to help you tell someone some bad/unsavory news, a guy addicted to drinking urine, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a guy that paid his neighbor to try to get his wife pregnant over 70 times, a drink that could eliminate the need to exercise, good news for fans of girl scout cookies, a pizza restaurant that’s rolling out a “subconscious” menu, Sony getting hacked by North Korea over the new Seth Rogen film, the dorkiest thing you or your partner do, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about Detroit making it to the top of the list of cities with the ugliest people, a flight being delayed for one of the strangest reasons ever, a guy who fled the scene of an accident to get away from his girlfriend’s yelling, the craziest thing to happen to you while working on the night shift, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about two kids that survived being buried in a snow pile for hours, Shia LaBeouf claims he was raped during an “art” performance, the new Star Wars trailer, Scott Stapp from Creed may have lost his mind...and all his money, a woman arrested for stabbing her b boyfriend at Thanksgiving dinner, because of Dave and Chuck the freak, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about what did a penis talk you into doing or what did it get a girl to do, Lynn tells a story about a roommate she had to evict and what is your roommate eviction story, more of your roommate eviction stories, is it appropriate or necessary to say thank you after sex, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a man who didn’t react well to a break up and your break up breakdowns, how did you intentionally terrorize someone and what was the reason, good alternatives to dick pics, what is the trend of butt sharpies, what was your uh-oh they are crazy moments, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about what the strange reason besides cheating that made you o: get a divorce, your encounters with a peeping tom or a pooping tom, WBTNOL-that slept with someone just to get into their will, what was your encounter with an old person and what was their creepy pick up attempt, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a listener & wife giving each other hall passes and sleeping with other people, Online scams and have you been fooled by one, the weirdest thing you have ever done in your sleep, a woman reportedly has orgasms from brushing her teeth-what makes strange things make you orgasm, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about restaurants going to be required to display calorie counts on menus, an inventor that has created a pill that makes your farts smell like chocolate, frog juice may help your sexual stamina, a prison inmate that has impregnated four different female prison guards, WBTNOL-that had to call the cops on Thanksgiving, turkey attacks, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a prostitution ring being run by a 17 year old girl at a school, things that could kill you this Thanksgiving, new most popular toys this holiday season, a store giving away free outfits to people who shop wearing only their underwear, awkward movie scenes to watch with your family, Thanksgiving gone wrong stories, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a doctor that left in the middle of a birth to have sex with another patient, a hospital that is giving men a simulation of what child birth feels like, how your Wi-Fi could be making sick, a guy with an hilarious name gets arrested for doing something after watching gay porn, stoner cookbook recipes, dating a former male stripper, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the rioting in Ferguson after the trial verdict, a guy that called in a fake shooting to get out of a traffic ticket, a building destroyed by a poop explosion, e-cigarettes are better for your lungs but could damage something else, most popular Thanksgiving pies, least influential people of 2014, words to add the Dave and Chuck the Freaktionary, and more!

Direct download: 11252014podcastpart1.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about a nude guy that went on a crime spree in an airport, students busted their principal performing a sex act on their teacher, the best thing to do if you don’t like your boss, basic things you’ve never done your whole life, police looking for a guy stealing boots and licking feet at a tanning salon, knowing about your partner having some side action, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about another fire at the Heidelberg Project, a window washer that fell eleven stories and survived by landing on a moving car, a convicted felon you can hire to ruin your family Thanksgiving, stores with the best and worst discounts for Black Friday, a criminal busted on camera because his name was on his hat, strange sex commandments, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the real condition Michigan roads are in, a couple caught having sex in their car right outside of the city jail, a new probiotic that makes lady bits smell different, a dominatrix that teaches a fitness class, a guy in England that used a picture of a gun to commit a robbery, the biggest bombs dropped on you by someone, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a holiday scam involving $100 bills to watch out for, the effect your cellphone is having on your spine, more women coming forward with Bill Cosby accusations, a janitor that tried to hide that he was looking at porn in the library in a strange way, the “I’m not gay no more” guy has a song now, the craziest thing you caught a grandparent doing, and more!

Direct download: 11212014podcastpart1.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about outdoorsmen trying to hunt deer in a suburban neighborhood, police caught the Alaskan panty snatcher, a Russian kid that was electrocuted and is now magnetic, things you would hypnotize people into believing, a guy who showed up drunk for a job interview and stabbed his potential boss, are you doing something creepy, and more!

Direct download: 11202014podcastpart2.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about people in the running for “Person of the Year,” most miserable states to spend Thanksgiving in, Bill Cosby gets plug pulled on new show, Bono gets seriously injured on a bike, a guy who tried to steal steaks and get away on a mobility scooter, Ask Dave and Chuck the Freak: “Is it normal for my wife to send nude pics to her girlfriend?” and more!

Direct download: 11202014podcastpart1.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about a cop busted exposing himself to young male drivers he pulls over, your encounters with a pervert, a tweet Dave and Busters is getting complaints about, a reason why ugly dudes need to keep their lady on the pill, a female student busted doing a live webcam sex show in school library, the strange things you’ve done with a buddy, and more!

Direct download: 11192014podcastpart2.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about the crazy snowfall in Buffalo, a plane that crashed into a house, a woman who let her dog pee all over clothes at a woman’s retail store, People Magazines sexiest men alive, a guy asked a cop for a ride to Burger King and gets busted for weed possession, the show tries to guess if you ex’s move to get you back was romantic or pathetic, and more!

Direct download: 11192014podcastpart1.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about an elephant that got horny and killed his trainer causing tourists to be trapped on his back, a guy that got a bill for $1200 after using a planes Wi-Fi, a woman that suffers from a rare sexual disorder that gives her 90 orgasms an hour, a chick that had to make a topless getaway after stealing hair extensions, being in a relationship with a wild card, and more!

Direct download: 11182014podcastpart2.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about how doctors are using HIV to cure Cancer, a frat dude that tried to put out a fire in the frat house by peeing on it, an increase in Chinese women buying more sex toys, lies told on the first date, Charles Manson is getting married, more making sandwiches debate with Andrew the Man Expert, things that you would never do for your partner, and more!

Direct download: 11182014podcastpart1.mp3
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Dave and Chuck continue with the most ridiculous reasons you broke up with someone, a guy on fire that went into a taco bell to order a glass of water, a dog that hitched a ride on an ambulance to stay with owner, a dude with bad gas uses a vacuum to suck the farts out of his butt, the strangest thing you’ve pleasured yourself with, and more!

Direct download: 11172014podcastpart2.mp3
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Dave and Chuck found proof that men are better at directions then women, Johnny Depp gives a drunken speech at an award ceremony, super smart celebrities, a couple arrested for banging inside of a strip club, drunk kids got stuck in an elevator and started screaming Aerosmith songs, the most ridiculous reasons you broke up part 1, and more!

Direct download: 11172014podcastpart1.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about a trick to help you get a divorce, women now using men to get pregnant cause its cheaper and easier than other methods, creepiest thing someone has worn in the bedroom, a condition that makes chewing ice more pleasurable than sex, women with bigger boobs spend more money, a very racist tweet sent by the Patriots, a creepy edition of WBTNOL, and more!

Direct download: 11142014podcastpart2.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about fishermen that caught a shark with a human head and leg inside of it, a device that can block bad smells, a type of therapy to help you relax that involves kittens, James Franco and Seth Rogen going to be on Naked and Afraid, a guy that picked up a hitchhiker with two kittens and got into a police chase, the dumbest person you ever encountered, and more!

Direct download: 11142014podcastpart1.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about scrappers stealing toilet flush valves from public restrooms, window washers trapped 69 stories high at the new World Trade Center, a doctor that has a realistic breast implant test drive procedure, the trend for men is being a “Lumber-Sexual,” a priest busted dealing cocaine, divorce causing you to lose your prize possessions, and more!

Direct download: 11132014podcastpart2.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman that had a condition that cause her boobs to grow to size 36 Triple N, a win for women in the war with men on who’s the better driver, the number one thing that can ruin Thanksgiving, things that make your look old on a resume, Dave and Chuck the Freak Confession: What do you sell that’s a rip off?, and more!

Direct download: 11132014podcastpart1.mp3
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Dave and Chuck give a sad update on “Dibbles,” Corn mazes causing people to call 911 because they’re lost, two women who have already started waiting in line for Black Friday deals, a new strip club that features only pregnant women, a child that ran away and lived in an Ikea for six days, Andrew the Man Expert joins us to play “Bitch Get a Job,” and more!

Direct download: 11122014podcastpart2.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman who chopped off a dudes dong not getting jail time, a drunk guy that pulled a gun on his daughter during a game of Battleship, a man that was trapped for 3 days inside of Macy’s, a woman that cheated to win a marathon, a chick panhandling gets busted driving a Mercedes-Benz, your spaced out moments, and more!

Direct download: 11122014podcastpart1.mp3
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 Dave and Chuck talk about a teacher that showed up to school drunk and ended up wetting himself, Calvin Klein unveils their new plus size model that is REALLY skinny, bacon scented and flavored condoms that make your junk look like bacon now available, women getting pubic hair implants, hooker gone wrong stories, dudes going to get Botox together, and more!

Direct download: 11112014podcastpart2.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about a restaurant that served six kids alcoholic beverages, an undercover cop dressed as a giant duck to write traffic tickets, hobbies Chuck could take up to make his wife leave, a dude that bought 99 new iPhones for an elaborate wedding proposal fail, the dumbest way you hurt yourself as a kid, and more!

Direct download: 11112014podcastpart1.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about a college student high on cocaine and molly steals an ambulance and jerks it on a cop, jobs that you put in finale stuffs way, a guy who tried to offer an undercover cop 3 bucks and some chicken for sex, Doritos flavored Mountain Dew being tested, a woman steals something large with her girly bits, new inventions that could ruin your life, and more!

Direct download: 11102014podcastpart2.mp3
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Dave and Chuck talk about a crazy plane landing in Canada, a cosmetics company that used an Al-Qaida leaders picture to sell hair removal cream, Andy Dick arrested for committing grand theft while on a bicycle, watching a movie just to see celebrity genitals, a dude that lost his mind and attacked his car with a pick axe, how you screwed yourself with your own anger, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a man with no hands and no feet on the run from the cops for murder, a woman who got beat up after asking a mother to control her child, one thing that can make a guy 90% sexier, a man arrested for stealing a car because he didn’t realize how long a test drive should be, your secret creepy moves, a man in trouble for attacking an ambulance, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a crazy squatter situation in Detroit, a tick that’s supposed to help distract you from cravings when on a diet, the new Star Wars title was revealed and nerds are mad, a guy calls 911 three times for a date, how to handle getting called the wrong name, the worst place you’ve been taken on a first date, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk with Deena Centofanti from FOX 2 to find out what happened behind the scenes during James’s interview, a restaurant and patrons are fighting over paying for a $3,000 bottle of wine, a dude who is going to attempt being eaten by a snake, Harvard to be offering a class called “What What in the Butt,” your curse, Dave reveals to his wife the Pervert of the Day gave her a massage, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a scary fake road block encounter caught on a dash cam, a woman who faked cancer to get money, top turn offs when getting it on for the first time, most annoying TV hosts in the country, a weird way that Dave KNOWS the pervert of the day, James did a phone interview on FOX 2 yesterday that went horribly wrong, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a fireman busted getting it on with eight women at the firehouse, a guy fired after they found out he posed in Playgirl, photos of you someone has that you’re terrified of people seeing, most popular porn searches from women, women wearing men’s underwear, ways you’ve confronted a rude person, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a dude that DROVE to a bar in an airplane, a guy that ate at the Olive Garden almost 100 times in 6 weeks, celebrity IQ’s, Angelina Jolie possibly running for political office, people with shy bladders mad about a Rob Lowe TV commercial, newest health craze in China is poop tea, ask Andy and Andrew the Man Expert, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk with Josh a listener with huge balls (literally) that needs some help, a pervert busted attempting something disgusting while dressed up as a Star Wars bounty hunter, a guy who has a free trip around the world for a woman who shares the same name as his ex, the strange sacrifice you’ve made for a partner and do you regret it, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about some conflicting news on the effects of weed, a couple that got married on a commercial flight, taking pictures of your partner sleeping nude, a guy suing because a doctor let two actors sit in on his prostate exam, one of the most awkward kisses on TV ever, things you do at work that you’d never want to get busted doing, and more!

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Dave and Chuck play “Are You Smarter than a Juggalo?”, election day weather determining the results, proof that twisted sex fantasies are normal, a couple caught having sex in public humped faster instead of stopping, the craziest thing you’ve seen shared on social media, an armored truck that spilled money all over the freeway in Maryland, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a man in the U.P. lost in the woods who flagged down a rescue helicopter with a flashlight, a dude attempts to set a record by drinking 56 shots and died, the most catchiest songs ever, a guy that robbed four Subways because when he tried the “Jared Diet” and it didn’t work, a couple who’s romantic getaway was ruined in a strange way, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman suing Google maps for posting a pic of her cleavage in the street view, a Brazilian guy gets an eel like fish removed from his bowels, the secret to a happy marriage that involves the thermostat, scary movie torture scenes that messed you up, a woman that bit off her husband’s balls, scariest moments of your life, Halloween sex moves, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman getting her breasts burned by a hookah, the best cities to be a vampire in, the most popular Halloween songs this year, a couple that met on set of a zombie movie get engaged, a dude that woke up to his friends wife performing on him sexually, the scary movie scenario you’re scared could happen in real life, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a chick dressed as a zombie that got two DUI’s in three hours, a woman trading sex to get her world travels paid for, your hitchhiking horror stories, the Halloween costumes that people find the most sexy, a woman that used her breasts as weapons to commit a robbery, being offered an indecent proposal, cat calling girls, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the differences in reporting on Ebola in the USA and UK, items to pass out instead of candy that won’t get your house egged, a woman trying to get the Kardashians products pulled from a store, a guy who attacked his hunting buddy with a knife after denying his sexual advances, bedroom intruder guy to fight on PPV, moments when a friend hit on you, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the best and worst cities for Halloween, having sex with multiple women helps prevent prostate cancer, DIY guys are becoming harder to find, a dude that set his college on fire during an elaborate wedding proposal, new “bro” moji’s to be available at the end of the year, lies you’ve had to continue throughout a relationship, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a city that may cancel Halloween because of a wild hog problem, things Americans fear the most, a hone app that is now killing the prostitution industry, Marvel released the film schedule for phase 3 of their movies, a guy involved in a mix up with a bestiality video, the most evil things your kids have done, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about how the name of a Wi-Fi hotspot caused a 17 hour flight delay, a pizza place that delivered right into a hung over guys bedroom, the worst positions to have sex, women’s Halloween costumes becoming too sexy, a drunk guy that walked into the wrong apartment and spooned a stranger, D&CTF try to answer your embarrassing questions, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about Detroit fire trucks getting robbed and vandalized while in use trying to stop a fire, Walmart apologizes for labeling plus size costumes as “fat girl costumes,” entities you would prefer to have your house haunted by, Aaron Lewis from Staind messed up the National Anthem, WBTNOL-that’s been stabbed by or stabbed a loved one, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about things that happen in prison that we don’t know, your old man Dave rage moments, do ladies really enjoy being motorboated, WBTNOL- that has screwed their partner to death, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about Andy’s adventure in a haunted house that went bad, crazy last wishes people want after they pass, Bad ass fails with bad Ass dale, should have ended it when... (should have ended something after making a discover/sign) and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about weird things brought through airport security, poop found in your weed, a tour guide that went off on some Asian tourists, the number one fear of Americans, things people do that could eliminate the chance of a second date, what did you do in your past that could get you fired if someone found out about it, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a company trying to sell weed as an ebola treatment, a drunk guy tries to take a short cut home so his wife isn’t mad and falls into raw sewage, using the phrase “make love” for having sex, a woman who destroyed an ATM with her bare hands, what you have found or your partner found that just couldn’t be explained and more!

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Dave and Chuck have a very informative and educational discussion about kinky choking, a lawsuit being filed against a haunted house that had a clown chasing people with a dildo, an update on the Hot Pockets situation, a local stoner that flipped his car into a ditch and immediately smoked a bowl, the weirdest things you’ve had to Google, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a man who flashed his junk at a store and claimed he was extreme shopping, a guy that got stabbed in a fight over pork chops, why sending your food back at a restaurant is a bad idea, the new most popular type of booze, a woman that lit her roommate on fire because he threw away spaghetti, bizarre ways you dealt with a break up, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a guy stealing peoples political campaign lawn signs, the season you were born in could affect your personality, horny dudes online that fell for a jerk-off scam, a teacher fired for doing artsy nude scenes in movies from the 1970’s, a pornstar doing a tour where fans could bang her, reasons you’re thinking about breaking up with your partner, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a store clerks laziness stopping an attempted robbery, a homeowner claims a burglar stole over $5,000 in change, male brain is programmed to ignore food and look for sex, songs musicians should apologize for writing, an old man upset about the wait at the grocery store so he just walked out with his groceries, exotic sex position fails, and more!

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