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Part One:  Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what careers the show would have acording to astrology, a bunch of undelivered mail found in a port-a-potty, the most searched people on google, WWE bans some wrestling moves, a pizza restaurant  employee that refused to make a salad and threatened his manager, weed pants on amazon for toddlers has parents outraged, a naked guy that tried to break into a house, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what you accidentally said to someone, police catching a grandma that's been stealing packages off of porches, a guy that was shot after stealing a Hell's Angels' parking spot, a woman that got into a fight for using too many coupons at the grocery store, a new app to help you creatively sensor your dick pics, how to have the perfect nap, and more!




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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about three FedEx drivers taken at gun point recently, Andy's most hated celebrity passed away, one thing that happens in Michigan more than anywhere else, a man suffering from “Polar Penis” phenomenon, a guy who got his balls bit during a fight with his wife, two ugly women that robbed some guys after they turned them down for sex, and more!




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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about something you've seen or heard and never told anyone, a crazy video game store smash and grab robbery, Michigan to allow driverless cars, two women suing a groom after getting hit by a drone at a wedding, a food delivery driver busted pissing in an elevator, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about sex acts banned in British porn, a woman that was dragged off an airplane at Metro Airport, the most "sinful" cities in the United States, burglars that posed as mannequins until a store closed and robbed it, gifts women don't want this holiday, a woman tan over by a float in a Christmas parade, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the trashiest thing you’ve overheard, a 112 year old woman that has smoked over a pack of cigarettes a day for 15 years, how much money Americans have made pooping at work, a guy who accidentally cut off his neighbors dong with a chainsaw, the worst gifts given to co-workers, a dude that used a bank error to buy hookers & blow, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the list of worst movies of 2016, Corey Taylor from Slipknot to do a country music album, the most popular songs people like to have sex too, a guy suing his neighbor for blasting Christmas music, a controversial style of tipping taking off on Facebook, a woman that smuggled something in jail using her fat rolls, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the things you do that you'd be embarrassed to be caught doing, a dude that won a million dollars off a lottery mistake, a new App that's like Tinder while flying, a woman who had a cockroach trapped in her ear, a guy that got shot when he wouldn't stop using his iPad in court, an airline bringing back free meals to coach flights, and more!




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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a bad accident on I-96 yesterday, how you entered into the world of S&M, a store in trouble for forcing a customer to clean the mess he left in a bathroom and then he died, a jealous drunk woman that destroyed her ex's Christmas yard decorations, a marathon runner that got lost for 12 hours, a guy claims his penis moved to his knee after a curse was put on him, the busiest day of the year for couples breaking up, and more!





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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what happened that could have put you on the news, a cat that helped cops catch a fugitive, a woman that caught her roommate rubbing her toothbrush on his crotch, an Asian guy who had his ID photo rejected because they thought his eyes were closed, a guy threatened to blow up his ex's family with a bomb made of sausages if she didn't take him back, and more!

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