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Dave and Chuck talk about your signature sex moves and moves guys have tried that totally backfired, a woman that chased a pervert out of a store,  a sports reporter fired for a Prince themed sportscast, a strange road rage incident that involved a man stuck on the hood of a moving car, a guy that almost accidentally burned down his workplace after losing some vacation time, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a park janitor that assisted police inan investigation by doing stuff she saw on the show CSI, a spiderthat performs oral sex, a woman that gets paid to watch porn, womenthat dress sexy look smarter, Justin Verlander is engaged to KateUpton, a homeless couple living in a bush that had cops called onthem for a domestic dispute, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the lamest bachelor/bachelorette party you had to attend, a man pouring a sticky liquid substance on food at a local grocery store, a nude dude that broke into a couples apartment, a woman suing a coffee shop over too much ice in her iced coffee, a 100 yr old woman that wants to pole dance, a teacher that showed “Human Centipede 2” to his class, and more!



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Dave and chuck the Freak talk about a woman that pulled a gun at a restaurant after being served boneless wings instead of regular, two scammers that took money from people saying their money was possessed, being offered money for sex or mistaken for a prostitute, modern Cracker Jack prizes now online codes, Amy Shumer no longer taking pictures with fans, an 11yr old that shot a burglar that broke in while he was home alone, and more!




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