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Dave and Chuck talk about a guy who had a bullet lodged in his testicle after his wife shot him, police in Canada on the lookout for the “garlic butter” bandit, the Amazon Dash button that lets you instantly order household items, worst way you messed up your car trying to DIY a repair, a bar that installed a ball pit for adults, a dude busted with 1400 things in his body, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a squirrel that caused a school to go on lockdown, a guy who faked a kidnapping for a $150 ransom, a state requiring teachers to be trained on how NOT to have sex with students, Tom Cruise officially signed on for Top Gun 2, an argument over a pot roast causes a guy to stab his brother in the head, what has made you say “YEEEKS!?!” and more!

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