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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about who has the worst roommate, a guy filmed his grandma trying auto pilot for the first time, a student that caught a teacher watching porn, a guy suing a swingers festival for not letting him in, why guys fake it in bed, a chef that shut his restaurant down when an inspection found his butt washing jug, and more!



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Dave and chuck the Freak talk about the gayest thing you've done with another straight man, a country that legally requires children to visit their parents, a secret Harvard Men's Club claims women members would cause sexual assault, Kate Upton reveals the secret of how her and JV have stayed together, a study to figure out why everyone hates Nickelback, a Nun busted for driving drunk and naked, and more!



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Dave and Chuck talk about really messed up dreams from melatonin, legislation looking at a bill to fine people who post revenge porn, Chik-fil-a plans to expand into Michigan soon, a passenger bragging about how awesome he is causes a flight to return to the airport, a mom who shot up and smashed her kids phones because they spend too much time on social media, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a Michigan inmate suing after breaking his teeth on rocks in his prison food, a dissatisfied customer that shot up a taco truck, a guy that caused a disturbance at a motel when he started eating mulch, a beach cop that accidentally ran over a sunbather, “Boy”zillions becoming the new man-scaping practice, celebrities we’d rather see as president, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about things you wish someone would've told you, a guy that assaulted another man with his tongue, a dude that jerked off in front of a woman on a bus for 3 hours, a constable demonstrating to a court how a grenade works and accidentally detonated it, one thing a guy can drink to get more women, a guy that flew across the country to turn himself in for a crime he committed almost 30 years ago, and more!



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Dave and chuck the Freak talk about a woman that was stranded in desert for 9 days, road side Text-a-Lizer test to determine if you're texting and driving, a secret sex island for cheating adults to vacation, strip club clover ups, a TV star that admits to being on Tinder, bad-ass of the day busted going 171 Mph in a Camero, and more!



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Dave and Chuck talk about truck drivers and your most insane trucker stories, a mother and son that went into hiding after falling in love, an elderly couple that mysteriously passed away in a hot tub, a guy that vandalized a house and claimed it was because he was listening to music and jerking off too much, a woman that had a meltdown in an airport, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a funeral director who misled a family into believing he buried a woman’s cremated remains, a 70 year old Vietnam Veteran that stopped a robbery with his cane, how a question about a new job ignites a sword fight between roommates, daily showers being pointless, a woman busted soliciting sex at a Walmart parking lot, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about another prank caller gets fast food workers to smash up the restaurant, guy who climbed a mountain to propose but got stuck and needed rescue, a naked guy watering his lawn arrested after throwing a knife at cops, just how dirty gym equipment is, things that make people think you're creepy, dude with the last name “weed” busted for selling drugs, office nap rooms soon to be more common than conference rooms and more!



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Dave and chuck the Freak talk about a local guy busted for prostitution, a coffee shop in trouble after an employee writes rude note on customer cup, a group of people rescued from a deserted island after pulling a move from the movies, Nicolas Cage and Vince Neil got into a fight on the Vegas strip, a guy busted for exposing himself at a doughnut shop after he returned in the same car, the most bizarre place or way you've sobered up, and more!



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