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Dave and Chuck talk about a local area with aggressive geese attacking people, an update on the Seattle Tree Man, a fire dancer that accidentally set her lady bits on fire during a competition, the older you get the less you care about pubes, the world’s first oral sex simulator for men is available, the amount of time people waste on computer issues, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about Ted Cruz using a quote from a movie during an interview, a guy busted pooping and jerking it on a beach, a demolition company that tore down the wrong house, a celebrity that brought a body guard armed with an AR-15 to visit Detroit, another criminal busted with drugs under his balls, the worst thing you knew about someone’s partner, and more!

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Dave and chuck the Freak talk about Toronto's (crack) mayor passed away, a fire breather that had a stunt go bad after not practicing the act, two naked hookers that chased gunmen through a hotel after being robbed, a can of Axe body spray that caused a church to be evacuated, adult coloring causing a shortage of pencils, and more!



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Dave and chuck the Freak talk about a guy that hid from cops at a raffle for a ham, an eleven year old kid that used a cement truck to lead police on a chase, was Elvis hot for Bruce Jenner, Sarah Palin may get her own TV show, a dude that got busted hiding something under his balls, what has been your worst food mistake, and more!



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Dave and Chuck talk about a mall Easter Bunny that got into a brawl with a kids dad, a guy who “Weekend at Berniesed” hi mom to get money to buy chicken wings, a Canadian dude that hi-jacked a bus to get to Tim Hortons, the man with the bionic penis has finally lost his virginity, the worst places to poop, a woman that has invented a “self-defense” sports bra, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about an airline employee caught trying to smuggle 60 lbs. of cocaine, a guy who tried to buy a BMW with food stamps, thieves that stole an entire truckload of flip-flops, a state that is making it illegal to walk and text, Hulk Hogan wins his lawsuit against Gawker, what you did to get in the most trouble with your partner, and more!

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Dave and chuck the Freak talk about when you discovered your parents were kinky, how did you blow a job interview, the strangest thing found on someone's body, what law do you wish you could break, and more!



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Dave and chuck the Freak talk about hobbies you got into just to meet women, sex was so good because..., were you apart of a love triangle, embarrassing stories on how you accidentally show off your private parts, and more!



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Dave and Chuck talk about the crazy sign your partner or friend showed you that you regret ignoring, people getting it on at the gym now, misbehaving and being a bad kid, a crazy story about a girl that got covered in lube at motel, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about what made your partner the worst lover you had ever been with, gross encounters while travelling on an airplane, something that you did in the past that you still regret today, encounters you’ve had with a very unprofessional medical professional, and more!

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