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Dave and Chuck talk about a hotel housekeeper finding over $10,000 in hotel room drawer, a woman who freaked out when a bear ate her kayak, the first weed resort to open in S. Dakota, a woman that suffered from a 2 hour orgasm after intercourse, a chick that stripped naked in a mall when her boyfriend wouldn’t buy her an iPhone6S, how a fetish is affecting your life, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about pornhub donating money to breast cancer awareness, a woolly mammoth remains found on a farm near Chelsea, Michigan, wedding party favors that caused a whole airport to be locked down, a lab that is able to clone your dog, mistakes in wearing underwear, a doctor that treated a patient by punching him the stomach, when were you sexist, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about, guy tries to stop a carjacking and shoots the wrong guy, drunk guy claims he was beat up by an angry hippo, flight attendant who earned money banging passengers in the bathroom, tattoos being removed and passed down like family heirlooms, new hipster hair style called the man braid, worst sex question someone has asked you, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about A woman kicked off a flight for vaping and flashing her breasts, a man who flipped out when a restaurant put pickles on his burger, a couple that got a bill for a wedding meal they missed when they cancelled last minute, a tech support employee in trouble for talking like a robot, the nicest Canadian squatter ever, how did a ladies bit pic change things, and more!

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