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Dave and Chuck talk about dating someone and then seeing them on the news for something bad, a doctor that left his cell phone in a woman after a C-Section, a guy who robbed a bank to bail out his girlfriend, a mattress that tells you when you should have sex, a new burger that is topped with a hot dog and potato chips, who’s your weird celebrity obsession, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a guy that dropped a FHRITP on LIVE TV an got fired from his job, a woman stranded in the wilderness had to survive off her own breast milk, companies now not hiring people without social media presence, a chick that tours the world doing vaginal kung-fu, David Letterman reveals who his final guest will be, how did you accidentally ruin it, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the name of the new bridge from Detroit to Canada, a guy that forgot his baby in his car and had to call 911 from the subway, a millionaire that passed away and left $50,000 to his two favorite waitresses, lose the internet or lose a finger, a guy that hid a loaded hand gun completely up his anus, the most American thing you’ve done, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a professor that requires students to take his final exam naked, the best tool to help quit smoking, a sandwich shop that sprays DNA on robbers, Dane Cook kicked out of a comedy club for harassing a waitress, a woman that robbed three banks in less than 30 minutes, the most uncomfortable conversation you’ve had to have with someone, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a a possible play about Kwame Kilpatrick in the works, a local girl that could be in the Guinness Book of World Records for a very large body part, a pizzeria that was also selling cocaine, a guy who turned himself in for murder after killing his imaginary friend, the body part you would want to change, what do you hate about other guys, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a cocaine addict convention being planned in Vegas, Google self-driving cars getting into accidents, Tiger Woods busted cheating AGAIN!, Lars from Metallica living the manthong lifestyle? Patriots fans starting a gofundme to pay deflate gate fines, a guy caught on camera trying to have sex with something strange, have you ever been spied on?, and more!

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 Dave and Chuck talk about a high speed chase in Warren, the year of poop continues with a guy who eats his own poop, what happened to a guy when he sneezed while pooping, does smoking weed cause dry vagina for women, a girl beat her boyfriend for not having sex with her in a restaurant bathroom, what is your secret life, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a cash scam at Meijer, a town in Michigan setting a world record for the longest sundae, Olive Garden released a new item, a group guys got busted for leaving a trail of something, a thief called the cops to get his phone back after a robbery, James calls live from the Dominican Republic and what is your tinder horror story, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a peeping Tom targeting port-a-potty’s at an Ypsilanti park, three woman who stole a man’s finale stuff, a Chinese amusement park with a ride featuring cremation and rebirth, Bra and panties are an option for men now and is male lingerie a new fad, what makes women raunchier than men, what brings out the raunch in you ladies, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a state senator who allegedly fired shots at a woman, a principal arrested for having sex with a student, a golfer in Connecticut who pulled a gun on a golf course, a dog that ate 12 live bullets, an app that provides better sex by listing your sexual interests and what is the strangest thing you found in your bed, and more!

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