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Dave and Chuck talk about the Detroit people mover derailing, an intersex cat that has to have gender reassignment surgery, the most erotic words in the world, under dick the new fashion trend, women training their vaginas to lift weights, crazy things that happen when taking Ambien, the pervert of the day is a Walmart peeping tom busted taking upskirt photos, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about Ohio police on the lookout for the “Braveheart” vacuum bandit, a man that roasted to death in a sauna, parents suing a principal for saving a kids life with an asthma inhaler, new Cheetos and Oreos on the way, Will Ferrell hits cheerleader in the face with a basketball, a listeners needs advice about a participating in a medical procedure involving poop, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the most bed bug infested cities in the country, a coach suspended because his team is too good, a snake attack at a hardware store, a couple playing Mario Kart mistaken for loud sex, getting so scared you lose control of bodily functions, a dude that randomly decided to bulldoze his home, weirdest thing you’ve ever rented, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a college fraternity in trouble for causing major damage during a party, bacon smog causing problems in a city, activities that should be considered sports, sending a personalized birthday greeting from Michael Bolton, a man accused of wheeling his dead mother to the bank to withdraw money, the most money you’ve spent on sex, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about an old man that had to be rescued after driving his mobility scooter off a mountain, a man awakens from a coma and sings an entire Nicki Minaj song, women defending their squirting finales, guys names and how they correlate to donger size, injuring yourself while pleasuring yourself, a dude busted having sex with a mailbox, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman in trouble for covering former boss’s office in glitter and silly string, a dude with a tire iron stuck in his head, a rapper kicked out of a computer store for trying to record his song, Kid Rock in trouble with animal rights activists, celebs who blew all their money, a knowledge bomb about spiders dongs, is it weird?, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a pizza guy that got a tip over $2000, the sluttiest states in America, a guy that miraculously survived being sandwiched by two semis, a secret to perfect skin that involves urine, a new sex toy for foot fetish fanatics, two strippers busted helping smuggle booze and drugs into a prison, WBTNOL: who has a real life evil twin, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about America’s most hated companies, a kid busted impersonating an OBGYN doctor at a hospital, a woman that faked her own death to get rid of a creepy online date, ailments that science has proven bacon can cure, a woman stealing plasma T.V.’s up her skirt, Ask D&CTF: guys complimenting a woman without it being creepy, and more!

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Part Two:  Dave and Chuck talk about a man who Skyped his penis to an entire family and your biggest bonehead move, what is the craziest thing you walked in on, have you ever been part of a citizen’s arrest, a list of places men and women like to be touched and where does the taint land on that list, and more!

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Part One:  Dave and Chuck talk about how your significant other embarrasses you, a man with a foot fetish that bit off a toe and what is your foot fetish and how did it go wrong, have you seen or do you have your own redneck inventions, men getting the 5pt inspection from their partners, and more!

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