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Dave and Chuck talk about an elephant that got horny and killed his trainer causing tourists to be trapped on his back, a guy that got a bill for $1200 after using a planes Wi-Fi, a woman that suffers from a rare sexual disorder that gives her 90 orgasms an hour, a chick that had to make a topless getaway after stealing hair extensions, being in a relationship with a wild card, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about how doctors are using HIV to cure Cancer, a frat dude that tried to put out a fire in the frat house by peeing on it, an increase in Chinese women buying more sex toys, lies told on the first date, Charles Manson is getting married, more making sandwiches debate with Andrew the Man Expert, things that you would never do for your partner, and more!

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Dave and Chuck continue with the most ridiculous reasons you broke up with someone, a guy on fire that went into a taco bell to order a glass of water, a dog that hitched a ride on an ambulance to stay with owner, a dude with bad gas uses a vacuum to suck the farts out of his butt, the strangest thing you’ve pleasured yourself with, and more!

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Dave and Chuck found proof that men are better at directions then women, Johnny Depp gives a drunken speech at an award ceremony, super smart celebrities, a couple arrested for banging inside of a strip club, drunk kids got stuck in an elevator and started screaming Aerosmith songs, the most ridiculous reasons you broke up part 1, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a trick to help you get a divorce, women now using men to get pregnant cause its cheaper and easier than other methods, creepiest thing someone has worn in the bedroom, a condition that makes chewing ice more pleasurable than sex, women with bigger boobs spend more money, a very racist tweet sent by the Patriots, a creepy edition of WBTNOL, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about fishermen that caught a shark with a human head and leg inside of it, a device that can block bad smells, a type of therapy to help you relax that involves kittens, James Franco and Seth Rogen going to be on Naked and Afraid, a guy that picked up a hitchhiker with two kittens and got into a police chase, the dumbest person you ever encountered, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about scrappers stealing toilet flush valves from public restrooms, window washers trapped 69 stories high at the new World Trade Center, a doctor that has a realistic breast implant test drive procedure, the trend for men is being a “Lumber-Sexual,” a priest busted dealing cocaine, divorce causing you to lose your prize possessions, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman that had a condition that cause her boobs to grow to size 36 Triple N, a win for women in the war with men on who’s the better driver, the number one thing that can ruin Thanksgiving, things that make your look old on a resume, Dave and Chuck the Freak Confession: What do you sell that’s a rip off?, and more!

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Dave and Chuck give a sad update on “Dibbles,” Corn mazes causing people to call 911 because they’re lost, two women who have already started waiting in line for Black Friday deals, a new strip club that features only pregnant women, a child that ran away and lived in an Ikea for six days, Andrew the Man Expert joins us to play “Bitch Get a Job,” and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman who chopped off a dudes dong not getting jail time, a drunk guy that pulled a gun on his daughter during a game of Battleship, a man that was trapped for 3 days inside of Macy’s, a woman that cheated to win a marathon, a chick panhandling gets busted driving a Mercedes-Benz, your spaced out moments, and more!

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