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Dave and Chuck talk about people named Stoner that’ve been busted in weed related crimes, a new drug that can straighten out a curved dong, a new trend of dudes wearing crop tops, a guy who didn’t like the privacy of a VIP area so he built a wall with 400 cases of beer, the show plays would you rather, another pervert busted taking upskirts with a modified shoe, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a guy that was killed after posting a picture on social media, a device that can change sound to energy to charge phones, the foods we hate to eat, a Scott Weiland impersonator fooled the cops, a VH1 Dating Naked participant had her butthole shown on National TV, things going through your head before, during, and after sex, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a guy that stole an electric shopping cart so he could make it to his probation meeting, a dude that proposed to his girlfriend using a thousand hot dogs, Canadian burglars that left a note to lock doors instead of stealing property, biggest bonehead moves, a girl suspended for saying bless you to a student that sneezed, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about students being required to wear heart monitors in gym class, an 86 year old woman who published her first erotica novel, a shortage in hazelnuts could cause a price increase in Nutella, Ask Dave and Chuck the Freak a couple listeners need some relationship advice, a guy who called 911 on a stripper, getting rid of participation trophies, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a homeowner that woke up with a bloody stranger passed out on his couch, women looking at porno at work, a woman arrested for beating up a neighbor that farted in her face, big boobs and tips are they related and is there something a guy can do to get bigger tips? talk with the “boots and pants” guy from the terrible mall commercial, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a car thief that returned the van he stole after the owner sent him a text, things on the internet that put people in a better mood, list of the world’s top paid models, a Florida man that got into a fight with a fire hydrant, Bad Ass Dale joins us to talk about bad ass fails, some info on the creator of that terrible mall commercial that went viral, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk discuss whether or not lesbian sex is more satisfying to women or not, an 85 year old who’s flip flop caused him to crash through his garage and into his swimming pool, your sexual rock bottom experiences, things people miss the most from life before the internet, a guy busted with jars of dead human penises, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a Waterford woman facing backlash after posting a video of her dog high, Mathew McConaughey still wears a fanny pack, some of the worst local commercials made, an idiot criminal busted wearing a t-shirt with a previous mug shot of himself, a man who faked his own suicide to get out of a wedding, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman in trouble for trying to poison her former roommates after they kicked her out for having sex with the dog, a female busted smuggling something in her breast implants, WBTNOL – Has had sex with a lawn chair or hit their spouse with a car, a woman who sustained severe injuries after she climbed into a giraffe pen, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a guy busted doing something nasty at the county morgue, Kid Rock to be a grandpa soon, 50 Shades of Grey inspired hotels, a woman who intentionally got arrested so she could visit her boyfriend in jail, things people are doing & you don’t understand why? A woman arrested for swearing at a grocery store, and more!

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