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Dave and Chuck talk about the current most annoying slang words, the different views men and women have on “sexy” lingerie, a business that called the cops on a nerd dressed in a Stormtrooper costume, types of pics to send to girls instead of pics of your junk, a guy who accidentally got locked in a maximum security prison for over 30 hours, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about an aardvark running loose in Warren, a chef that cut open an eggplant and the seeds spelled out GOD, the best and the worst celebrity beach bodies, some emails about some strange bathroom behavior, bed bugs infesting the Detroit bus system, some stoners that broke into a school to steal a box of froot loops, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a fruit that makes women want to get it on, the age that men become invisible to women, a new portable tent to allow you to masturbate in public, the strangest reason you got divorced, a local man busted for robbing a bank after he buys a car with cash from a car dealer near the robbery, a drunk woman that stole a horse to use to rob a store, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about an airline pilot that bought the passengers pizza during a flight delay, what the new big restaurant craze will be, WBTNOL: who has been involved in a threesome while driving a car, a guy who found a rat in his sandwich wrap, a woman who discovered horrible crimes that took place at her home while watching a TV crime program, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a whale watching groups encounter in Mexico, a woman who can’t cancel her cable service because she sounds like a man, a guy trying to sue for $10 million because he was made fun of for falling asleep at a baseball game, Prince Fielder posing nude for ESPN magazine, falling for a perverted scheme, a Canadian beer promotion gone wrong, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about a restaurant that will be offering all you can eat appetizers, Nickelback music got some dudes in trouble with the cops, a dead grandma that appeared in her granddaughters selfie, the first album you bought and how it relates to how you are in bed, another family that had to call 911 on their pet cat, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a couple suing a hotel because a guest there was shaking his genitals at guests during their wedding, ask Dave and Chuck: questions from a wife whose husband doesn’t think she’s a 10 and redneck layaway, a competitive eater that proposes right before he shoves 61 wieners in his mouth, a man getting arrested for DUI claims his dog drove, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about the Fonz wanting to change his last name because “winkler” is something inappropriate on Urban Dictionary, a dude that died from too much head banging to Motörhead, genius criminals who use fourth of July fireworks to help with a heist, Dave's horrible holiday getaway, fireworks mishaps stories, an offensive image American Apparel posted on social media, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the strangest things you’ve had to confront your significant other about, your dumbass moments, discovering your partner really had a secret life, a pilot that crashed and remained calm dealing with a dumb 911 operator, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about your neighborhood scandals, having a funeral for your vagina, the worst food-tastrophes, what is your insane talent, and more!

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