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Dave and Chuck talk about people no longer caring about pleasuring each other orally anymore, a pervert busted by his neighbor jerking it with a ski mask and clothes pins on his nipples, things you have tried and WOULD NOT recommend, a “Do Not Knock” registry to stop door to door solicitors, Michigan considering making some roads tolls roads, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about Vernors flavored slurpees being available, Hugh Jackman almost cuts off his junk with his Wolverine claws, Samuel L. Jackson has upset the porno industry, idiot criminal that breaks out of jail six days before his release, the worst rapper ever, motor-butting your partner, residents encouraged to pray while stuck in Detroit traffic, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about top reasons couples won’t poop in front of each other, strange Craigslist ads about ghost movies and prosthetic ears, how long women are waiting and what they want from men before they put out, state of Florida making legal to carry a concealed weapon during a zombie apocalypse, a magic word that will make your kids do chores, a dude that tried to take a selfie with a squirrel and it went really wrong, and more! 

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Dave and Chuck talk about Shaq being in trouble for ridiculing a local man online, a dude that got killed by fortune cookie dough, another woman auctioning off her virginity, FHM names Jennifer Lawrence as sexiest woman alive for 2014, where have you been banned from for life, Spain passing a law that would require children to do housework, and more!

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