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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about where or what you've had to escape from, online daters need to be on the lookout for “Navy Jack”, a guy busted fro trying to get through customs with cocaine dressed as a pilot, a bear captured on film with a laptop computer, a dude arrested for DUI wearing a shirt that said, “Drunk Lives Matter”, and more!


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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a little girl left alone on a day care bus, an auto shop worker's accused of video taping women in the restroom, a celebrity who's social media posts are worth a million dollars, Disney put out a cd of heavy metal Disney songs, a guy that died during a doughnut eating contest, accidentally telling someone you love them, a drunk woman that beat up her dad and then threw her poop at police, and more!


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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the inappropriate job you discovered someone had, how far away people prefer to be when they talk, things people would rather do than pay taxes, the 100 best snack foods of all time, Grilled Cheese stats, the worlds first sex robot wedding took place in China, and more!


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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Dave's new medication and it's side effects, a women that won $60,000 in a revenge porn lawsuit, most commonly looked up sex positions online, people butt chugging Mountain Dew for a caffeine rush, most embarrassing ankle monitor stories, guy resembling Santa Claus, and more!


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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what you learned to never let your partner do, thief runs out of a Detroit gas station with cases of Cheez-Its, Uranus actually smells like a butt, playing Tetris can help with some mental issues, a summer camp for adults opening in Michigan, a criminal that got busted taking a stolen car to get an ankle monitor off, and more!


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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a good samaritan that caused a “stranger danger” situation, David Spade linked to a hot female celebrity, Mama June debuts her new size 4 figure, the top store bought cookies brands, what life is like for a woman born with two vaginas, a guy in trouble after he spray painted a marriage proposal on a wall, and more!




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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about hiring a private investigator/craziest private investigator moments, TSA officials seized a “stun cane,” nerds created the ultimate hangover cure, a trucker that did cocaine, meth, and acid to drive 3,000 mile route without stopping, top 10 things you should do before you're 50, a woman that pulled a gun on a convenience store clerk when he wouldn't accept her pennies as payment and more!


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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a Detroit Piston star arrested for a DUI, a celebrity couple “NOT mature” enough for an open relationship, a bunch of local massage parlors accused of prostitution, women that get “happy ending” rubs from men, a high school that wouldn't allow a student to bring his grandma to prom, a woman busted for hiding painkillers and a needle in her bits, and more!


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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the moment you realized your parents were dumber than you, a guy in trouble for posting fake sex ads online to get revenge on a coworker, the turkey that crashed through a house, an 11lb. Blunt that washed up on a Florida shore, FBI can't find any hackers to hire because they all smoke pot, whether people prefer good sex or good sleep, a dude blames getting arrested on bad legal advice he got from Wikipedia, and more!


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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a Kid Rock look a like who robbed a bank, thousands of dollars worth of exotic lizards stolen, ridiculous jobs celebrities pay people to do, Dave watches the trailer for the new “It” movie, a restaurant that has banned children under 5 years old, crazy things that happened in sex ed class, and more!


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