Dave & Chuck the Freak Podcast

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how taking a relationship risk backfired on you, a dude busted jerking off on a sleeping woman’s head, an airplane that hit a deer during take-off, a guy who sent his date a bill for half the cost of their first date after she turned him down for a second date, a home intruder that was attacked by the homeowners pet squirrel, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the most dangerous intersections in Michigan, celebrities you would want to go on vacation with, the states you’re more likely to catch an STD, a new trend of flash freezing your genitals to look younger, a kid that bought every girl in his school a rose for Valentine’s Day, when hot chicks attack, a woman that attacked her son during an argument over pooping on the toilet seat, and more!

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