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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a father arrested while trying to take his wife to the hospital while in labor, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park committing suicide, OJ Simpson getting parole, a man who fell off a boat and had his life saved by his prosthetic leg, a dude that shot at a taco shop when they messed up his order, a guy who threatened to divorce his wife if she stopped working as a prostitute, a couple that had the cops called on them during a fight over shower masturbation habits, what has a fart ruined for you, people who change their voice when they talk on a phone, what a dude named “Felony” got in trouble for, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about science proving that being “hangry” is real thing, a guy opening up a donut shop next to a weed dispensary, a city that has banned people from using portable devices while walking, people in jail not allowed to pleasure themselves, a family that had 15 pounds of frozen sausage fall from the sky onto their roof, a guy that dresses as his dead sister to help his grieving mom, the right time to introduce sex toys into the relationship, a guy mad at utility line workers so he shot out the tires on their trucks, a security robot that committed suicide, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the summer fashion mistakes we make, a massive car fire at a local car dealership, most stressful cities to live in inside the USA, the Nickelback and Stone Sour feud continues, having extra body parts/discovering an extra part on someone, things states hate the most, a woman that divorced her husband because he wouldn’t respond to her text messages, a bank robber busted after giving out huge cash tips at a restaurant, a country that has banned any mention of Winnie the Poo, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about tips for men with chest hair, a semi driver who ran his truck into a marijuana dispensary, R.Kelly’s alleged involvement in a sex cult and has anyone listening been in a cult, a man who was spotted masturbating in a local park, the most popular searches for recipes in each state, the most popular medical search in Michigan, a man who was caught putting his penis in a coworkers sandwich, what were you better off not knowing about, airline prices rising due to the extreme heat in some areas, a dog that saved a deer from a river, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a fight that broke out on a DDOT bus, a dude who was busted masturbating in a department store, road rage incidents stemming from social media feuds, men who shave their bodies from the neck down, a fart that smelled so bad it forced a plane to land, a survey about things in our lives that are over rated, a guy who was busted for stealing two huge sex toys from an adult store, the creepiest way you have been hit on, a giant metal pipe that fell on a guy’s car on the interstate, a survey about men and women tipping , and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a business owner in trouble for posting signs and putting out a memo banning complaining, a horse that saved a man trapped under a tractor, a man who rescued a whale then got killed by the very same animal, a dude who got revenge on his neighbor immortalized on Google Earth, a repair man stuck behind an ATM slipped customer notes asking for help through the receipt slot, when did you use a “secret weapon,” a guy who has never brushed or flossed his teeth in 20 years, you can use your penis to access porn now, a guy who tried to have sex with a motorcycle, the age you are definitely too old to go to nightclubs, smelling food makes you fat, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a different slang words across the USA, a pizza restaurant employee caught on camera violating a health code, Kid Rock to possibly run for US Senate, an actor that regrets a drunken foursome, a naked man in trouble to pressing his junk against a woman’s window, a flaming cocktail that cause a person to be air lifted to a hospital, your shade side hustles, a dude busted with a Sesame Street doll stuffed with cocaine, a guy in trouble for inappropriate touching customers at a denture clinic, a chick busted impersonating a cop to get a free chicken sandwich, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a woman who had her purse stolen and the thief texted nudes off her phone, Shia LaBeouf drunken arrest caught on police body cam, rumors about who will play this seasons Superbowl Halftime show, a naked man with poop on his hands that robbed a liquor store, a woman who licked and groped another on a flight, grooms now wearing make up at weddings, women who travel with sex toys, 80 beach goers that formed a human chain to save a family, things you regret starting, a country that tried an umbrella sharing program, a dude that got stuck in a gap between two buildings that was only 8 inches wide, a new toothbrush that cleans your teeth in 10 seconds, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what things turn you off the most about the opposite sex, a prison inmate that escaped after a drone dropped tools in the prison yard, a state that just legalized weed is already sold out, the secret to getting a good night’s sleep, an instagram model in trouble for assaulting a cop while naked, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about where Detroit lands on the list of “Cities with the Best Drivers,” jobs celebrities had before making it big, a 19 year old that won the lotto twice in a week, a guy in a standoff with cops because a radio station wouldn’t play his request, a shark attack at a nude beach in Miami, lap dances at major sporting events, a guy who proposed to his girlfriend while being arrested, and more!

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