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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the worst ting you've busted someone pleasuring themselves to, update on the 30 year old posing as a 17 year old in Windsor, British fisherman that used their dead friend ashes as bait to catch a huge fish, parents called the cops about a robbery that turned out to be their son hooker and more!



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Dave and chuck the Freak talk about two women held illegally by store security guard, a burglar suing homeowner who shot him during the attempted theft, a foot doctor that was accidentally shot in the foot, a guy in trouble for making 27 “Deez Nuts” prank calls to 911, huge increase in teen girls getting plastic surgery on their bits, a pizza place that invented a pizza box made of pizza, a couple busted getting it on in a handicapped spot, and more!



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Dave and Chuck talk about how you have been hoodwinked (scammed), an idle train that blocked a fire truck from getting to a house fire, a teacher fired for using the word “vagina”, an amateur rap group arrested after writing a song about their illegal activities, the worst thing to happen to your bits, a woman that beat up her boyfriend with a Star Wars toy, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about criminals trying to flee back to Cuba who had their plan foiled by a Disney cruise ship, a woman hiding from the cops in the ceiling of a Big Lots, a plane crash that was caught on a security camera, a 12 year old girl that accidentally ran a half marathon, a guy that insured his penis for a million bucks, a dude busted by cops when drugs stuck to his sweaty back, and more!

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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about where you took someone on a date that was a terrible idea, TSA intercepted a record number of guns from carry-on bags, a kid whose seat belt malfunctioned on a rollercoaster, a guy that punched a stranger in the face because he looked like Shia LeBeouf, a dude who drove over 800 miles for some KFC, a robber that mistakenly hopped the White House fence while running from the cops, and more!



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Dave and chuck the Freak talk about a guy running from the cops that lost his legs crawling underneath a train, a bus driver that asked a student passenger to move a down power line, your dog hates when you hug them, a study finds that we should only work 3 days a weeks, Kelly Ripa returning to TV, a fast food worker busted trading $20,000 worth of sausage and biscuits for drugs, and more!



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Dave and Chuck talk about what made you lose it at work, a new change to Uber that has users upset, a man that was held hostage by a beaver, something men should hold in their dating profile pics that women think is hot, things people would rather do than give up the internet, a public pool that had to post a sign asking men to stop drying their genitals with the hair dryer, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a naked guy that ripped a fire alarm off a wall because he thought there were smurfs inside, a domesticated tiger was found, companies offering “paw-ternity” leave for new pet owners, last time you were naked in a car, who will inherit the Prince estate, a dude wearing a shirt that said “this guy needs a beer” busted for DUI, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about the deadly thing you survived, cops called to a domestic dispute that turned out to be a guy and his parrot, doing this one thing naked is a bad idea, a phone app and device that can detect if you have stinky body odor, a woman that was born with two vaginas gave birth to two children, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a guy that led police on a high speed chase over stolen steaks, a dude who tried to pay his bail with counterfeit money, a driving student that hit a deer while taking his driving test and passed, top over rated tourist attractions, a woman that looks like Ted Cruz is doing a porno, a guy that paid a hooker with an exotic animal, and more!

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