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Dave and Chuck talk about a mall Easter Bunny that got into a brawl with a kids dad, a guy who “Weekend at Berniesed” hi mom to get money to buy chicken wings, a Canadian dude that hi-jacked a bus to get to Tim Hortons, the man with the bionic penis has finally lost his virginity, the worst places to poop, a woman that has invented a “self-defense” sports bra, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about an airline employee caught trying to smuggle 60 lbs. of cocaine, a guy who tried to buy a BMW with food stamps, thieves that stole an entire truckload of flip-flops, a state that is making it illegal to walk and text, Hulk Hogan wins his lawsuit against Gawker, what you did to get in the most trouble with your partner, and more!

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