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Dave and Chuck talk about a huge fight on a Detroit city bus and the driver just kept driving, a guy accused of splashing “deadly” urine on a police officer, a woman that mistook construction insulation foam for hair mousse, how a dick pic has changed things for you, another dirty answer on the “Family Feud” game show, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about driving in Detroit being different than other cities, how marijuana caused an explosion at a local home, a woman who found the head of a dead rodent in her peanuts, gangs of large woman that are robbing men, Tindr suing an AIDS charity over a billboard, the celebrities with the biggest breasts, the creepiest thing your partner does, and more!

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 Dave and Chuck talk about 26 Lbs. of weed falling from the sky into someone’s yard, a nursing assistant put through a sexual interview by a fake doctor, a goat that refused to leave a Tim Hortons, bizarre sexual fantasies, something chubby people are less likely to be suspected of, a couple busted in the drive thru doing something nasty, stupid things people shouldn’t have done, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about some bus drivers in trouble for mooning students, a dude that saved a dog after a construction crew paved a road over it, things people claim they can’t do without a morning coffee, the most liked and hated sports stars, an airline passenger that thought the airplane door was the bathroom, how someone went crazy when you rejected them, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a guy who tried to kill a spider by lighting it on fire while pumping gas, a dude who shot himself while protecting his neighbors from invisible Mexicans, a perv busted using a deaf video call service to jerk it, a woman that kicked another woman in the face after she farted near her, things your neighbor does that piss you off, manbuns causing baldness, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a flight that had to make an emergency landing due to a spider, a dude arrested for stealing one spoon, a school that banned “tag” from the playground, an 11 year old kid that had to help deliver his baby brother, the Pope announced plans to release a pop rock album, why you are thinking about cheating, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a local woman that found a strange “Help Me” message in a package of panties, an airline passenger that found a barf bag full of puke in thier seat, a teacher that accused a student of being evil because they were left handed, a dude that stole an entire lottery scratch ticket vending machine, what you have done but let someone else take the fall for, and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a local heist where robbers got away with $300,000 of jewelry, what happened to a dude that posted eff the police on social media, a guy busted with a freezer full of female genitals, criminals busted after posting selfies of themselves with stacks of cash, a past activity you wouldn’t want your partner to find out about, and more!

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Dave takes on a local blind woman in a shooting challenge in the WRIF backyard, a person charged with malicious crop dusting at the workplace, a new service where women can hire men to come wipe away their tears, a couple that abandoned their kids in a running car while they went to a concert, the strangest way you earned some extra cash!

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Dave and Chuck talk about a burrito that caused a bus accident, two prisoners that tried to escape from prison using bed sheets, people are all surrounded by a cloud of bacteria, a J. Lo sextape may be released soon, a couple busted for leaving their baby alone on a beach while they went jogging nude, the worst drunken bet you’ve ever made, and more!

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