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Dave and Chuck talk about a woman that had a huge surprise pop out of a toilet, cops in the Philippines have to wear something strange for the visit from the Pope, Nike working on self-tying shoes like in Back to the Future 2, a new way to remember a deceased loved one, a bra that opens up only when women are horny, things you tried to do yourself and almost died, the show talks to Double Dick Dude (the guy with two dongs), and more!

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Dave and Chuck talk about Bill Cosby being protested at his show last night in Canada, the sexiest penis size, a guy that had a metal pole removed from his anus, the worst type of people to sit next to on a plane, a couple busted having sex on a used minivan in the dealership lot, Dear Dave & Chuck the Freak: a thong mishap at the gym, farting during a butt massage, and more!

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